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spreekoreafb's Journal

SpreeKorea Feedback Link Community
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SpreeKorea Feedback Links

Welcome to spreekoreafb, a feedback centre for spreekorea.

This is a place where spree participants can leave positive or negative feedbacks about spree organizers.

Once you are approved, you will be able to find your nick in spreekoreafb in which you are to link your spree pages to your feedback page and you will receive an approval email informing you of your successful application.

All feedback links of spree organizers can be found in the memories section.

Please use this format for posting feedbacks:

Name of Spree:
Link of spree post:
Rating: Positive / Neutral / Negative

Application of new Spree Organizers:

- Send us an application to spreekorea@gmail.com in the following format to be a an official spreekorea's organizer:

Subject: Application for Spree Organizer

Lj nick:

Full name:

I/C number:


Date of birth:

Contactable email:

Contact number:

Bank name and account number: (the one used for spree transactions)

Spree experiences: (you may give us links of your feedback received from organizing sprees or sales from other websites like yahoo or other forums, if you DO NOT have any experiences at all, or if any of your feedbacks are less than +20, pls email a scanned picture of your I/C or mail us a copy of your I/C)